What is Political Potatoes?

Idaho is a fascinating place. Its diversity of opinions is growing as more people keep moving in from other states. Some are fleeing what they see as liberal policies that have gone amuck in California, while others eye its beauty and cheaper real estate as an incentive to relocate. Many Idaho originals have deep ties to the agriculture community and have benefited from the annual harvest of one of Idaho’s best resources, potatoes. These perspectives help shape Political Potatoes stories.

People take their politics in Idaho very seriously. Whether they lean left and like every social justice narrative out there or lean far-right and stockpile weapons preparing impending UN takeover, there is a space for conversations that involves poking a little fun at ourselves.

Let’s take a deeper look into the roots of political ideology that shapes the conversations happening on social media. Let’s try and understand what news and events drive us all to action. Political Potatoes wants to help create the kind of conversations that are educational and entertaining.

We totally get that everyone won’t agree with what we publish. That’s ok, we encourage differing opinions. That does not mean we won’t hold back when we see something wrong in Idaho, we’ll call it as we see it and make no apologies for telling the truth.

If you like what you see, please follow us on our Facebook page, and join in the conversation. If you have content you would like to contribute, please contact us and let us know your interest level in publishing on PoliticalPotatoes.org.

Please reach out to us on Facebook Messenger and we will be happy to answer any questions or open to ideas for new stories.

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