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Our Families Are Not Political Punching Bags

By Gregory Graf | January 31, 2024

Personal attacks have become alarmingly common in the heated arena of Idaho politics. My own harrowing experiences, especially during a family medical emergency, highlight the urgent need for change. Let’s explore vital ground rules to foster respect, privacy, and civility in our political discourse.

The death of the Idaho Freedom Foundation

In Remembrance: The Idaho Freedom Foundation (2009-2024)

The IFF we all knew over the last ten years is dead. From its ashes rises something much worse: a flailing network of extremist groups that actively defend white supremacists and push authoritarian agendas that pose a danger to the liberty of all Idaho citizens.

Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld Doubles Down on Doxxing

Sen. Zuiderveld’s reckless disregard for the safety of Hazel’s family and her refusal to make things right is, in my opinion, conduct unbecoming of an Idaho State Senator.

defining Idaho extremism

The Definitive Guide to Idaho Extremism

Canyon County resident John Heida recently made the beautiful state of Idaho his home. Like many who consider themselves political refugees after they could not convert their communities to match their values, Heida teamed up with the Idaho Freedom Foundation Network to promote his values to lifelong Idahoans through his group called “Stop Idaho RINOs.”…

Idaho Open Primary Election and Ranked Choice Voting

Outsmarting Extremism: How An Open Primary with Ranked Choice Voting Can Restore Integrity in Idaho Elections

Consensus building candidate choices help employers and small business owners who worry about being casualties of culture wars that prevent them from being able to attract qualified workers to this state.

Glock Cocking

We all have that guilty pleasure show we watch. That one that you know is full of plot holes, shallow characters and mediocre writing that you just can’t stop binge-watching. For my wife, that show was Lucifer, a formulaic crime show about a well dressed female detective who somehow can’t solve crimes without the help…

What is Political Potatoes?

Idaho is a fascinating place. Its diversity of opinions is growing as more people keep moving in from other states. Some are fleeing what they see as liberal policies that have gone amuck in California, while others eye its beauty and cheaper real estate as an incentive to relocate. Many Idaho originals have deep ties…

The FISA Memo Connection to the 2012 Obama Campaign

While the left focuses on the dangerous normalization of the peeling away of our civil liberties in order to cover up their own corruption, the rest of us are left in shock at what was really going on. The release of the FISA memo that exposed the disturbing behavior of career bureaucrats at the Justice…

The Media’s War on Truth

The false Rex Tillerson story published by NBCNews was a perfect example of the liberal media’s war on the truth. Secretary Tillerson publicly shut down the dishonest reporting and called out the press for their petty and divisive reporting. This was just the latest in the daily push to force the liberal agenda upon the average American.…

Hillary Clinton’s House of Cards

Is House of Cards Based on Hillary Clinton Political Scandals? Hillary Clinton has survived the Bernie Sanders socialist uprising and has become the first female presidential nominee of a major party. Her rise to power has many wondering if she might be a character out of the Netflix hit political drama House of Cards. The scandals, investigations, and rumors…

Trump University Waterboarding

In 2007 an American citizen was allegedly waterboarded in Provo, Utah as motivation to sell Trump University training. “Would I approve waterboarding? … I would — in a heartbeat,” Trump proclaimed at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, according to The Washington Post. “And I would approve more than that. Don’t kid yourself, folks. It works, okay?…